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Administration to groups

The learning competences questionnaire also provides the opportunity to assess the learning competences of employees at a group-level.  It provides organizations the possibility to make a cross-section and thus uncover the learning potential of a team, a department or even the whole organization. The group- analysis package encompasses:

  • An extended feedback report for all employees who fill in the questionnaire. This report is similar to the report that individuals receive when filling in the premium version of the questionnaire.
  • A summary at the group-level. This organizational scan contains:
    • measures of central tendency and dispersion at a group-level
    • Quick interpretation of the results through colour codes
    • Visual presentation of the results using box plots
    • Detailed explanation of the results
  • A meeting with a Domo de Refontiro consultant regarding the use of learning competencies profiles in your organization.

 You can request a complimentory invoice for your organization by filling in the form at the contact page.