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Free version

You chose to fill in the freely accessible version of the learning competences questionnaire. Based on the answers you give, you can get more insight into:

  • what your reasons are for participating in a workshop, training or professional development activity;
  • which goals you set for yourself when participating in a workshop, training course or professional development activity;
  • how you usually handle learning during a workshop, training course or professional development activity and to what extent you focus on translating it to your own work context;
  • how you handle information and the manner in which you make decisions.

The free version of the questionnaire  provides you with a limited feedback-report. This includes:

  • a description of the specific scales in the questionnaire;
  • your score on each of 15 scales in the questionnaire;
  • the average score participants in the learning above the ruler-project scored on each of the scales;
  • downloadable report in PDF-format (screenshot)

The free version is free of charge. You can fill in the questionnaire multiple times if you wish.